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  • Name: Cementing & Drilling Fluids Application of Hollow Glass Sphere



Adding hollow glass microsphere into slurry offer the potential to reduce costs and improve performance.

* Help the slurry own the features of good fluidity, no density difference between upsides and downsides, good sedimentation stability, rheological properties, thickening time adjustable.

* Help prevent problems of lost circulation.

* Help achieve highest strength-to-weight cement designs.

Therefore, the low density, high strength slurry with Hollow Glass Sphere inside can meet the requirements of deep wells, achieve long segment sealing, eliminating multistage cementing risk, improve cementing quality and extend well life.


Drilling fluids:


Drilling fluids with Hollow Glass Sphere inside help achieve and maintain target densities in drilling, completion and workover fluids.

These low-density drilling fluids help minimize sticking, lost circulation, reduced penetration rates.

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