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  • Product Name: CENOSPHERE
  • Model: Cenosphere
  • True Density: <0.85-1.3g/cm³
  • Bulk Density: <0.46g/cm³
  • Particle Size: 106-600μm
  • Crush Strength: 3000PSI
  • Survival: >60%
  • Flotation: >92%

Cenosphere is a lightweightmulti-purposenon-metallicpowder. It isbetween50-850micronsin diameter, and its main ingredient issilicon dioxide(SiO2)andalumina(Al2O3), whose appearance iswhite orgray, loose, good fluidity. Under the microscopeas a transparentsilverspherical, hollowwith a hard shell. There is a small amountofN2orCO2inside the ball.With fineparticles, hollow, light weight, high strength, wear resistance, high temperature, heat insulation, fire-retardant insulationand other functions,it is widely used in petroleumcementing,plastics, paint, and other aspectsriser.


Cenosphere performance:
1. It can improve rheology, reduce the viscosity, reduce the weight of the article.
2. high filling capacity, reducing the using amount of binders

3. chemical stable
4. fire resistance, can be used as fireproofing paints
5, heat preservation, thermal resistance and sound resistance.




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