Application of Hollow Glass Sphere in Plastic PA6 PA66

Hollow glass sphere are a family of high-strength, low-density additives used in a variety of industrial applications. It's perfectly ok for lighter plastic and rubber made products for transportation industry.

Because of their spherical shape, hollow glass sphere behave like tiny ball bearings, causing them to flow within a liquid polymer much better than common mineral fillers.

In addition, the spherical shape improves the dimensional stability of the polymer composite, resulting in less shrinkage and warpage.

Hollow glass sphere are compatible with most thermoplastics, including polypropylene, nylon, ABS and others, which shows good advantages below :

1. reduce specific gravity

2. reduce VOC

3. reduce shrinkage and warping, keep the dimensional ability

4. improve thermal insulation and noise rduction performance

5. improve the rigidity of the material

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