Application of Hollow Glass Sphere in Sealants and Adhesives

1. Because of low density, Hollow Glass Sphere/glass bubbles can reduce the weight of adhesive, what’s more, it has high strength, which won’t disturb the tensile strength and elasticity of sealants.

2. Since the main component is soda-lime borosilicate glass, the Chemical properties of glass bubbles is very stable, sealants with glass bubbles inside has excellent ageing resistance.

3. High temperature resistance, the melting point: 650℃.

4. The particle size of glass bubbles is very small(can be customized), so the bonding is very strong.

5. The fluidity of glass bubbles is better than Irregular filler.

6. Hollow Glass Sphere has a relatively small surface area, so it can keep relatively suitable viscosity when using large volume.

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