Application of Hollow Glass Sphere in Thermal Insulation paints

Thermal/Heat insulation paints is a kind of paints which mixed with HGS(hollow glass sphere) and other fillers to achieve the purpose of heat insulation. Hollow Glass Sphere characteristics for heat insulation paints :

a. hollow with thin air inside→ It make HGS lower thermal conductivity(0.0482-0.0910W/m.k).

b. spherical shape→ HGS can reflect infrared rays within 400nm-2500nm.

c. heat radiation function→ HGS can radiate the heat on the surface of the object to the air.

d. lower density→HGS can replace much resins and TiO2 to reduce paints cost.

e. very good fluidity→It makes HGS mixed with various resins well and increase filler rate.

At present, thermal/heat insulation paints mixed with HGS is not only used in military and aerospace equipment, but also more widely used in interior, exterior paints, roof paints, oil pipelines, storage tanks and other industries.

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